Friday, February 11, 2011

New Fine Doodles

It always takes a while to update the Fine Doodles gallery, but I wanted to share a few recent ones. Three of my favorites:

Just look at those monsters. Just look at them! The only details I added were a bit of texture on the beasts and the faint clouds up top. This is the kind of stuff I drew as a kid.

This one is titled Medusa in Love. It was drawn by a nine-year-old who thought that Medusa would be a friendlier person if someone showed her a little love...and gave her flowers. I tried to give it a bit of a Romantic background.

There are just too many things to love about these crazy-limbed people. There was no background originally, but I like the way it turned out all together.


  1. Those crazy-limbed people are my favorite. Wow. I hope you will share more here of what you are creating--your work is amazing and inspiring.

    You have me thinking it would be so cool to be able to do a show based around children;s art and how it is translated by adult artists into other mediums.


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