Thursday, January 20, 2011

More fantastic illustrators

Spending too much time on the internet has the wonderful effect of shoving me in the direction of too many illustrator's websites. I've stumbled upon the following talented people through various means - blog comments, Illustration Friday* archives, link hopping...several of them have that retro style I enjoy so much:

Monsieur IV, by Blanca Gomez of Cosas Minimas. Available here. Go look as her website. Just look at it. And then tell me you wish you didn't own every one of them, or better yet, you made them all yourself.
This charming little vignette is titled Sneaky. It's by Vincent Desjardins, who generously explains his process on his blog. He gets the letter-press look with the aid of the help of Mr. Retro. Next time I have a hundred bucks to blow on a sweet Photoshop filter, I'm getting me one of those. Love that look.
Stacked, by Gennine, who writes this enchanting blog. Available here. The bird motif has been so popular for so long, but hers still impress me. I think it's the graphic shapes mixed with organic textures, which I tend to love.

*If you've never been to Illustration Friday, it provides a weekly prompt to which illustrators of all kinds respond. Fun browsing.

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